Catalogue code: 3.08
Online Communication
Rakuten Viber
Brief description
Viber is a free chat service for smartphones and desktops with, according to their own information, around 900 million users in 193 countries. The program enables IP telephony and instant messaging between Viber users via internet. It is also possible outgoing calls in fixed or mobile networks.
Required operating system
iOS - Appstore, Android
On/Off line system
WIFI or other connection to internet is requested
Type of software
More informations
Supplier for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia
download for free
Comparison with other similar aids
Benefits of Viber
Viber can be installed on a smartphone and on a computer or tablet.
The application does not require registration or login.
You do not need to search for friends' nicknames - applications in your address book will mark any contacts that have the app installed
High quality call in HD audio
For a small fee, you also call users who do not have the app installed
No ads and no charges

ONLINE WIFI or other connection to internet is requested